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It's true

I'm pregnant!!!! There arent even words for how floored I am right now. I mean I want him/her of course but its a lot sooner than I had planned. But that's okay because Seamus is into it and even though we're both in school it's not like we are both real young and starting out. I'm even a bit old around school lol and money isn't an issue for us now at all. I wish we were already moved up to Montana but at least we are together and I know he'll take care of us. Its still scary though this is BIG! And I'll be soon too!!!!
New Years was fun, I realize this was my first real New Years Eve party ever. It was so romantic, kissing at the stroke of midnight and all. *swoon*

I am a bit worried though. Not feeling so great and my period is now a week late.

Family and isolation

I do love my family really but it seems so little connection sometimes. They have no sense of our heritage and are just a nightmare at times. I have to say right now I am realiaing how happy I am that I'll soon join Seamus's family.

I wish I could have gone to the ranch with him for the holiday but we just coudn't work that out. I hate being a part from him but this is a bit worrse because its a holiday and I really want to be spending it with him. And it will be pretty long this time too with me going back on Monday but him not returning until New Years Eve. But at least we get to welcome in the New Years together.


Seamus proposed to me!!!! Two nights ago, on the full moon. He gave me a beautiful diamond ring, he said its called a Maureen (a version of my name) style, with Celtic knotwork on the band.

He also brought me a little white kitten!!! I want to name her Diaomond in Irish, so I have to look that up. She is soooo cute! Of course, he said she's just the start. When we move back to his home in Montana I'll have horses and an Irish Wolfhound too!

At the end of the month/year Ill be moving into his place here, which is much nicer than my little apartment.

He also agreed that he doesn't mind if I do one more semester, that I CAN help with the animals on the ranch even if there are a lot of others already doing that stuff. One more can't hurt. He's just worried about me trying to do too much when I dont have to.

Oh, I'm trying to learn how to make websites so I can make one for his and soon mine Tuath. Hopefully I'll have something up soon!
Seamus and I had a long talk last night about me not going back to school next semester. He pointed out that I wont really need to work once his careeer is established adn he thinks that being a vet tech isn't really right for me to do. He suggested maybe I should take some education courses instead. I'm not sure. I thought that being a vet tech would make me more vital to a tuath while I was looking for one. But now that I have one he, as ri, thinks I'd be better suited elsewhere. I have to think alot about this.

Looking up

Things are looking so much better than they were so of course I havent' written about it.

I have been dating a really cool Irish guy for about a month now and he is so wonderful I don't evne know where to start. He's a soldier who was in Iraq and is just starting school nearby. He's also a Gaelic Traditionalist!

I have lost another 15 pounds.

School is better this semester but still sometimes feel a bit daunted.

Still not loving the job.


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