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One year!

Go raibh tú sona inniu,
Go raibh tú sona inniu,
Go raibh tú sona, a Niall,
Go raibh tú sona inniu!

One year ago right now I was in labor, scared, exited, and Niall Beag had yet to see the lght of day. I hope to post more later I know Ivee been bad about it. The summer has been fun with alot of playing with Niall Beag of corse, time with Seamus and Aednat, and learning to RIDE Finn! Some worries but mostly good. Off to ge tthings for the party going!

One month old!

Go raibh tú sona inniu,
Go raibh tú sona inniu,
Go raibh tú sona, a Niall,
Go raibh tú sona inniu!
Too tired to really post but thought I'd let you all know he still has 10 finger and 10 toes. He eats alot. I'm sore and drained. I don't know how women do this when they dont' live with a bunch of other women to help out. I'm told that it's natural to be this tired. But I miss the energy I had just before I had him. I even miss the big belly compared to the flab I have now. He's asleep so I should go sleep before he wakes up again.

He's here

Niall Sean uí Conchobhair
7 pounds, 9 ounces
born at 8:15 a.m.
Friday, August 18

Im not going to be online alot for awhile I don't think. I'm exhausted and hurt but wanted to share my incredable happiness with the few online friends I have. And update things here a bit before he wakes and wants to be fed again. He is healthy so all my worries were just silly. He is also beatiful like his daddy.
I went into a false labor a couple of days ago. Now the midwife told me that he's turned so that she thinks hell be earlier. OMG!!!! I'm hoping that he's alright. I'd be just as ahppy to have him soon and not wait. But I'm scared it might mena somethings wrong. OMG!!!!!
So we've made the move home to Montana! Its so amazing here! The family is so nice, I just cant' express how happy Iam. The trip was rather long in my condition but at least I won't have to move from this place until Niall Beag is born.

When we got here Seamus surprised me with a beautiful gift of a Connemara Pony!!! I just can't get over it! I've always wanted a horse of my own. Although he's a pony, he's actually nearly horse size which is just perfect for me. All the ranch horses are QUarter horses or crosses, so he had to get Finn special for me. Ican't ride him now because of the baby but he needs more training anyway as he has only been ridden English until he came here and I am very much a beginner. But by spring we'll be out there on the range! *swoons* He is so beautiful, white or grey really but looks white. His main isn't too long right now but Seamus says thats cuz they pull it for English showing so it will grow out. Very dainty head. Big brown eyes. He really is like a tiny version of Shadowfax. *falls over*

I am feeling like I'm in the homestretch of this pregnancy as I've entered the third trimester. Hes going to be very active I guess, this little life inside of me. The midwives checked us out and all seems to be going well. I can't wait to meet him! I can't believe this is all happening to me.

Going home

I'm going to finally get to Tuath an Tarbh Donn in just a couple of weeks! *swoons* The meeting with my parents didnt go very well but I didn't think it would. They still don't know I am pregnant they just think I'm starting to get fat again. My family is not real brigt. But that wont matter anymore as they'er not even invited to the wedding and they don't want any part of it all anyway. I have a new family now. And I couldn't be happier than I am right now.
Its been a long time so I thought I'd drop a note and let anyone else reading this know that things are going along just fine. I canfeel the baby move and stuff now, hes' going to be really strong I think. I still am having problems with the weight gain becuse of working so long to lose weigt before this but I do know its normal and I will lose it afterwards.

I have a doctor here but am IMing with the midwife of the Tuath nearly every day as she will be the one to diliver the baby.

I still haven't told my parents. They aer still having trouble with the engagement to someone they haven't met yet. So that's going to be rough I know. We are going this week so they can meet and its not that notacible yet so we can wait to tell them. I'm not sure they'r coming to the wedding maybe we wont have to tell them until after it.

Seamus has been so wonderful threw all this. It amazes me everyday that all my dreams are coming true.
Well, I have been a little preoccupied so I have not updated for awhile. I am so excited and scared right now and I still cannot belive it! The morning (afternoon, night,...) sickness is not so bad now but I think Seamus was right and that knowing why I am feeling naseaus helps me not mind it. I just cannot wait until I start showing!!! Although I am nervos about being a pregnant bride this summer but as it will be at the Tuath where they all understand this sor tof thing it should be okay. I do have to start considering my dress thou!!!!

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