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I went into a false labor a couple of days ago. Now the midwife told me that he's turned so that she thinks hell be earlier. OMG!!!! I'm hoping that he's alright. I'd be just as ahppy to have him soon and not wait. But I'm scared it might mena somethings wrong. OMG!!!!!


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Aug. 14th, 2006 06:16 am (UTC)
Babies often move in the womb, sometimes rivalling break-dancing. If there was something wrong, the midwife (who are generally very competent and well-trained) would have sent you to the ER post-haste, so things should be okay.

edited because I had a brain-fart and forgot that you are up north-ish
Aug. 14th, 2006 03:27 pm (UTC)
Yes he has been very active all along. I think that he's goign to be very active an strong. When Im not worrying Now he's lower down in my bell and head down. The midwife calls this the launch position. *giggle*

I go from being just excited to being scared that now that he's almost here something will be wrong with him. Not a rush to the ER sort of wrong just wrong. That if he doesn't wait until the exact due date tht it'll keep him from being developed right or he'll be damaged. I'm told that this is normal worry. That if he's born anytime now that he'll be fine. But alot of the time I worry.

Other times I'm jjst excited and can't wait. Even though going into labor is okay now they want me to mostly stay in bed so that it isn't rushed. I want to do stuff. So I'm learning to knit. This will be one well dressed little boy! Or at least have a wide selection of sweaters and booties all with some flaws and odd sizing. *giggle* I'm also probably spending too much time online now. But I'm restless and if I can't rearrainge the room or something I got to do something.
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